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The art of the puck…

I was out late last night… At a hockey game…

The HR director here at work is also a semi-pro hockey player, specifically a goalie, for a local team called the “Fighting Amish” – which are kinda like the “Fighting Irish”, but with cooler hats.

Anyways, the HR director invited me to see his team's final game of the season, which also happened to be the playoff game for the championship, which was being held at the Pepsi Center downtown.

So I arrived right as the Avs / Calgary game was ending, was escorted to the player's lounge, hung out there for a bit, then was escorted into the arena. I got an awesome spot right next to the Amish goal, so the pictures I took were pretty nifty.

The Amish won the game 8 – 2 and it was loads of fun to watch.