The day after the thanks…

Thanksgiving is over…

We had quite a spread here last night, which is a first… Thanksgiving is normally a day like any other, though admittedly one without having to go to work.

A friend of ZeZe’s, Flyn, was also without family this holiday so we invited them over and collectively we went and saw “The Fountain” before dinner.

“The Fountain” is another French ‘anime’ or ‘art’ movie where by the time it’s over, you’re unsure what just happened… Kind of early-Kubrick in that it was beautiful, but was certainly more for your visual enjoyment more than anything else.

My interest was piqued the most by the interesting interplay of christian, hindu, and mayan religious imagery.

We returned from the movie and I slaved in a hot kitchen for nearly a half an hour getting dinner done. (chuckle)

There was a HoneyBaked turkey breast, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, corn on the cob, a fancy German green bean casserole which I’m always looking for an excuse to make, garlic bread, macaroni and cheese, and peanut butter cookies for desert. There was eggnog for ZeZe and Flyn, while I had a glass of 16-year Lagavulin.

The only casualty was my microwave, which had its duty cycle exceeded by quite a bit.

Once everyone was stuffed (literally) cleanup took about ten minutes… Hooray for aluminum foil, which lined everything the came out of the oven and made cleaning baking pans and cookie sheets as easy as removing the foil and tossing the cooking implement into the dishwasher.

Zeze and I will be eating turkey, exclusively, for a week at least.

Today I have to go to work for a few hours, which is a bummer as most of the company gets today off as well. I was kind of looking forward to a 4-day weekend, but you know how it goes.

Other than all of that, ZeZe and I are inventorying everything here in the house, disposing of anything that isn’t of immediate use, and packing the rest for our move across town. The new townhouse should be done this coming week and as I’ll be paying rent here through December, we’ll have a nice, relaxed, 30 days to move.

And, with that, I should get moving to get to work. Have a great day everyone!