The End Of Another Era

With the closing of Fallout: Roanoak sim, the saga of Iridae and the literally countless players that have lived in the post-holocaust world of Roanoak since mid 2015 comes to an end.

I put together a little video that contains some highlights of Iridae’s journey from frightened and confused newcomer to the apocalypse to leader of the free world…

The video starts off in Diablo Canyon, moves to the Capital Region of Roanoak, then to Sorellen, and finally to Ardennes. This was the three-year / three-sim trek in SL for Iridae and her people as they struggled to find a place to call home.

The rendered pieces of the video were shot in SL, inside the Reclaimers Base – a group that Iridae belonged to who were trying to re-kindle the rule of law in the lawless wasteland. A dozen players would sit around that table a couple times a week and work out the particulars of thier next adventure.

The scene depicts Iridae’s boxed up belongings as her people prepared for the final push into Ardennes… Everything in and around those boxes were instrumental props in the story – and as an added bonus there’s a stuffed version of Iridae’s confidant and protector, “Derivative Fork”, the robot.

Diablo Canyon – an Imperial mining town near a couple of experimental Continuance of Government facilities were Iridae wakes up.

The Capital Region of Roanoak, where Iridae discovers her birthright. The green glowing crater is where the palace once stood.

Sorellen – where the Imperial University used to be and where Iridae discovers what truly caused the apocalypse – and clues as to how she can repair it.

Ardennes, far to the south of the capital and a city largely spared from the calamity that befell the Empire. And the eventual seat of the new Roanoak government led by Iridae and those who she came to trust in her journey.

Those who followed Iridae did eventually make it to their version of the promised land; the mostly intact and radiation-free city of Ardennes – the same Ardennes that Aurora and her people fled to in order to escape the Changeling plague hundreds of years earlier.

Fallout: Roanoak will undoubtedly be my masterpiece of world building, story telling, and sim design. It was a ridiculous amount of toil and dedication; I’m not sure I will ever be able to pull it off again.