The Flu Redux…

I’m still ill, but I have to go into work… It sucks being the only person around who can do what needs to be done before tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll probably run these two remaining tests, and then head back home. Not that that means I’ll be leaving early, it just means I won’t be staying late.

Also, this is officially the sickest I’ve been in a long, long time… For example, the Advil cold and sinus I dug out of the medicine cabinet expired 09/04 and the Tylenol I almost took yesterday had been expired for over two years. Joy.

I’m going to assume the level of illness is due, in part, to living in “the big city”. It also has some to do with children I think… See, those of us at work without kids were the last ones to get sick, while the folks with children have already been out for 2-3 days with whatever this flu is, then happily brought it in for us. Bleh.

Oh well, have to keep that immune system up to speed I suppose.

And with that, I’m off to work. Have a great day out there folks.