The hub of the grub

For being so bleeding-edge technologically, I’m a bit of a Cro-Magnon when it comes to trendy high-tech gig-economy services. And accordingly today was my first use of “GrubHub” which has been around for years apparently.

Today I’m here at the office, am the only one here, and there’s a very important package that will be delivered today for a project and it needs to be signed for… This of course means there’s about a 100% chance the package will arrive if I step out to get lunch.

Enter crowd-sourced food delivery.

I’ve had Burger King deliver here several times back when they did “BKDelivers”, but apparently they don’t offer this any longer and the URL redirects to GrubHub.

Ordering through the GrubHub website was pretty straight forward; chicken fries, some onion rings, and a large diet soda; about $8 in today’s money if you actually go to BK.

By the time GrubHub was done with fees, tips, charity round-up, and other assorted charges it was $20 even.

I ordered at about a quarter to 11. This is when I usually go get my lunch as it avoids the lunch rush so it takes me 15 minutes to go to BK, order, and get back here. 

It took GrubHub almost an hour to do the same thing, leaving my order at just slightly above room temperature when it finally arrived.

So, from my sample size of one, GrubHub costs over 200% more for nearly 400% worse service. Which I guess is pretty much par for the course here in the 21st century.