The late show…

Today promises to be very odd… See, I'm going in at 4pm to run a test for a client after hours. So, I have the 'day' off.

I'm fairly impressed with the amount of stuff one can get done during the day – stores are open and most folks are at work which makes for a much more pleasant 'out of the house' experience for me.

Over the weekend I attended my first company function… I've officially been working at 'xXxxx' (I can't use the name) for over two years now and I figured it was high time I went to one of the bi-monthly company functions.

The picnic was nice and about half of the folks I work with every day were there. There was far too much food available and Jon worked the grill for about 90% of it. All in all I was there for about 2 hours, which is really the upper limit of my ability to deal with lots of people in one area, and all of that time was hanging out with Jon.

After my time at the picnic I meandered over to Wolf and Lyons place where we watched a few movies, had some ice cream, and generally 'shot the shit' for a few hours before I made my way back home.

Well, I need to rotate my laundry and head across town to work.

Have a great day everyone!