The light at the end of the tunnel…

If I squint, I can see 2021 sitting there at the end of the week.

2020 has been  — interesting, but I’ll not be overly upset to put it behind me.

While the marking of the calendar most certainly won’t actually change anything, from a psychological point of view it’s a fixed point in time that heralds a turn of the page and the start of a new chapter.

And I think a great many people can use that right now.

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard, ad nauseam, about all of the problems that rode along with 2020, but I prefer to look back at the good stuff…

I moved, which seems to happen every two or three years, so that in and of itself isn’t exceptionally news-worthy. But this time I managed to time the move into a brand new never-been-lived-in place right as the zombie apocalypse happened. So, during the subsequent lockdown I’ve had a new place to get to know and a really nice place to hole up until it blows over.

I acquired a Vespa and rode it around for a few months, which was ridiculously fun and really got me wanting another motorcycle. Once the plague subsides and things even out (glass half-full), I’ll go get my “M” endorsement for my license just in case the opportunity for a motorcycle arrises.

I’m better prepared for things now. With the riots, looting, arson, supply chain problems, lockdowns, and people generally not being bolted together very well these days — I got my poop in a group in case everything goes truly pear-shaped.

Having a plan is most of the battle… For example, at work I had a plan for everyone to be working from home long before the zombie apocalypse, so the transition into the lockdown was fairly instant and really painless for everyone. And due to this we’ve not had to lay anyone off throughout this lunacy. In fact, company-wise we’re on track to have a slightly better year than last year.

Other than that I picked up some new computers this year; iMac and M1 MacBook Air which are both pretty incredible; living in the future ain’t half bad! Oh, and an old-new computer — the Powerbook G4, which still manages to be better than most of what’s out there.

Speaking of computers, I will soon start the great password migration; my yearly systematic update of every login and password for everything that has a login and password. And, being so involved online and requiring that everything has a unique, complex login and password, means it’s an all-day event.