The more things change…

I’ve been working at the same place for over sixteen years now; you can even read about the day I got hired, and it’s been quite an adventure since then. I’ve done some pretty amazing things over the years and worked on some really interesting projects.

The most challenging aspect of the place is that at any particular time I can be called upon to do pretty much anything. On paper I’m the “Directror of I.T.”, but in reality I wear most of the hats: tester, test engineer, project manager, marketing department, web team, art department, building manager, mainenance man, janitor, and any other title as required. 😀

This makes it a little complicated to take time off, because any time I schedule some event in advance something invariably comes up at work on that date that I’m needed for. It usually works out in the end, but it’s so routine that, as a joke, if things are slow at work I’m told to schedule a vacation.

Well, this just happened again.

Earlier this month I volunteered to work the election as an election judge – civic duty and all that. This entails some training and then five full days between the end of October and the third of November.

This would normally be no big deal and I’d just take a few days of vacation. But today the employee working a very technical project gave his two weeks notice, and all signs are pointing to me having to pick up the project and run with it. The client on this project is pretty high-maintenance, so there will undoubtedly be some frowning when I tell them I’ll be out for a few days at the end of October…

They’ll get over it – they always do.

There’s also a slim chance that the load test engineer might be tapped to do it, and if so everything will work out even better. So, here’s hoping. Haha!