The morning walk…

A few shots from today’s route:

These two pine trees live at the church across the street, and I like to spend time here in the shade reading whatever book I’m into at the moment.

It’s been really wet this last week, so everything is super green.

Looking west from just west of Hampden Ave and Ceylon St.

And the local Village Inn is open for seating, so I got to eat my breakfast actually in a restaurant… First time I’ve been able to do that in months.

It was weird to be the only customer in V.I. who wasn’t staring at a phone… Luckily I had my Kindle to fill the gap between ordering and eating. 🙂

I’m still getting some separation anxiety from my iPhone; I leave it home, and then check my front pocket for it 3-4 times while I’m out, but I’m getting better.

And once again the G12 proves that an actual camera will always beat a cellphone when it comes to pictures. Having physical controls are really nice, and there’s no computer making your bad photos better — you are the photographer, and if the photo sucks, it’s on you. 🙂