The People vs. Hot Water…

So yesterday I got to spend many, many hours sitting in various court rooms wishing someone in charge would tell me something about what was going on.

Myself, and about 60 total strangers, sat in a cramped room with crap ventilation for a few hours before anyone bothered to come and tell us anything. Being as cellular reception was sketchy at best so the phone was of little entertainment, there was little else to do but critically observe my fellow jurors.

The court folks had provided us with a hot/cold bottled water dispenser, styrofoam cups, and a selection of Bigelow herbal teas. This allowed me to witness that one out of four random strangers will take tea over water, and one half of those will not be able to figure out the child-resistant tap on the hot water.

If these are my “peers”, I want off this planet.

Additionally, if you put 60 random people in a small stuffy room, the one sick one will manage to infect the rest – so I have developed the flu, just like the woman who was coughing all over everyone.

All in all it was a very miserable experience that continues to get worse even though I am not there…

Wednesday evening I will find out if I have been excused, or if the fun continues on.