The weekend report…

Let's see, what did I do this weekend?

Well, as Lyon is having to do his clinicals on Saturdays now, our game days have become game nights… Lyon has to be where he needs to be by 6:15 in the morning on Saturdays and, for free mind you, works till 3-4 pm.

So, as I got down to Denver Friday evening and now it seemed that Saturday was going to be mostly waiting around for Lyon, Aryntha, Rai, and I went out to the eastern plains of Colorado and did our phone thing for a few hours.

It was planned that we'd get an early start, but early for college folk is post-noon so I got some writing and a few simple sketches done before they showed up. Once we were rolling things took off…

We went and verified that a tower site we found last weekend was really what we thought it was; it was. We have found the elusive “Simla” site which isn't shown on our 1960 route map, but is listed on the 1966 and gone again on the 1976. So its been decommissioned for at least 28 years, yet its still standing there. Pretty cool actually.

We then drove around a bit looking for a site called “Rocky Peak” which is a similar story to “Simla”, but we were unable to locate it on the first try. We then went to “Kiowa” and got some photos. After that we headed back to Lyon and Wolf's place, which took us right past “Hilltop” so we stopped to get some better photos of that site too.

We got to the house just as everyone else was getting settled and things commenced. I'll be writing up the adventure here today some time.

And that is as they say, “that”.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Aaron and his little band of misfits later this afternoon.

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