The Whole Stable

This morning while I was out for my walk, catching digital critters and waiting for the breakfast burrito place to open, I decided to see if I could take over and hold the three Pokemon gyms at the local mall for a photo-op…

Unicorns everywhere

There’s a big public stable across the street from the mall (between these gyms and the one in the distance there), so I guess it’s fitting in a way…

A new thing (for me) this week was the discovery of “The Dollar Store”. I’ve seen these places around, but I’ve never gone into one – assuming they were full of nothing but weird kitschy things that no one would ever actually need.

Well, there’s one of these stores in the local mall, and on one of my walks I decided to go in and look around… You know, to add a half mile to the walk while in the air conditioning of a store…

I left with three sacks of groceries for $18.

Now, granted, this is the modern incarnation of the Generic Store that my Mom used to frequent back in the 80’s, so the quality is pretty much “safe for human consumption”. But I’m not horribly picky. And if it saves me $40-$50 a week, I’ll eat stuff that tastes a bit like a name-brand but not really. 🙂

So, I guess I’ll be adding the dollar store to my weekly grocery trips, because for the stuff they have that I actually need is about a third of the price of a regular grocery store.

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