There is no saving throw versus the plot device…

Yesterday's game wasn't exactly epic, but as everyone was suffering the after effects of “one of those weeks”, with things like Lyon's school work and Aryntha and Rai having their finals, it was to be expected.

The day really got started around 2pm rather than noon as Lyon and Wolf went to go visit Wolf's mom who is recovering in the hospital from hip replacement surgery and things like that just simply take longer than one expects. She's doing fine though, no worries.

Aryntha and Rai got here and were famished so they and I made what was supposed to be a quick run to a local supermarket for munchies and some quick restaurant for lunch… We ended up in “Super Target” which was full to the rafters with people who were all doing their damnedest to be just as oblivious to the world around them as possible. It's the little things, like standing in the middle of an isle reading the back of a package while creating a traffic jam the likes of Washington DC, that really gets to you when you're in one of these mega-stores.

Anyways, the three of us gather up the 4-5 items we need and run for the checkout lines in an attempt to get the hell out of this shopping purgatory… And manage to get in a line with a rather corpulent woman who's Target Card won't clear and she's having a bitch-fit about it. Well, she learned a valuable lesson that day; namely that if you hold up things, whine loudly, and make a general, immovable, nuisance of yourself people will cave to your demands. The manager OK'd the purchase over the phone and the lady waddled on to attempt the same scene some other day, safe in the knowledge that it works. We in turn paid for our items and made for the door, only to be stopped by a member of the elite Target Special Forces who, after just watching up pay for everything, still needed to verify the contents of the bags with the receipts.

Once clear of shopper's hell we trundled over to a local “pizza the hut” and reminisced about how Pizza Huts used to be before the great cola disenfranchising happened to everything. See, before Coke ™ and Pepsi ™ bought “everything”, most restaurants had a unique flavor to them that the owner brought to the property… Not any more. Everything is cloned, sanitized, and corporate spin enabled for mass consumption. One has to look pretty hard to find a place that isn't part of some international octopus organization these days.

So we returned to Lyon and Wolf's place and had a bit of a discussion of what we'd just encountered; such as my current theory that the reason people seem to be such asshats is because of social calluses acquired to keep one's sanity amidst the incredible overpopulation in major cities.

Eventually, at about 5pm, we get started with the game and things progressed at a much more sedate pace in this episode… Again, everyone had a week-long reality beating and just wasn't the world's most imaginative group this weekend. But we did manage to move the story forward a bit…

One thing I'm worried about is due to my propensity for writing *lots* of stuff in regards to my characters, I'm proving to be the centerpiece of the story and things are revolving around me right now, which isn't good for everyone else. I suppose I need to inject everyone else into the stories I write and submit to Wolf this week.

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