Theres bears and sherrifs up there…

I'm sure you've seen me mention the wildlife up here in the mountains and how it's a continual effort to keep the outdoors, outdoors…

First some background: I sleep with the big sliding door to my deck open at night because I like it cool and it gets down around 50-60 at night here.

Last night at about 3:30 in the morning I was awakened by a loud crash out in the driveway. Grabbing my ever-present and insanely bright flashlight I went out on my deck to find this black bear cub rummaging around in our freshly toppled trash. Well with the light and a few harsh words he thought better of sticking around and moseyed off for about fifteen minutes. Just as I got back to sleep I heard the sound of a few glass bottles rolling down the slope of the driveway and got up again to find Brother Bear in the garbage again.

This time I got angry with the little fella (little… He probably weighs as much as I do) and told him flat out that he really didn't want me to come down there and mess up his fuzzy-wuzzy little world.

Ok, so he left again and stayed gone this time.

So, now that I'm up I have no choice but to stay that way and set about down in the basement fixing the ever-borked boiler… Which is a tale for some other time.

So, this evening I'm sitting here writing php code for a web site when another crash happens in the driveway… Brother Bear is back.

I run Brother Bear off, again, and he stays gone telling by the sounds of the neighborhood dogs. So, while I'm putting my shoes on to go clean up I hear more trash rustling… I figure the bear is back…

I'm wrong, it's a lanky grey coyote. So I run him off too and latch the cans down.

We'll see how it goes tonight, but chances are this is just the first volley in the war of me versus the critters. 🙂

If it comes down to it I'll just move the trash-cans into the garage till our friday morning pickup.

GenesisSilver Rainbow