They grow up so fast…

The little Pokémon Unicorn I caught a month and a half ago had achieved everything she could as a pony and was finally able to evolve today…

She’s almost maxed out.

One of the more interesting things about Pokémon Go, for me at least, is that the critters are somewhat scaled to the real world when you pull them out into augmented reality. So Iridae here, as a pony, was roughly pony-sized so I could feed her and play with her in the living room or my office.

Now she’s literally horse-sized and the only way to get enough room to interact with her is to be outside.

In addition to growing up size-wise, her whole demeanor has changed… She used to be all smiles, bounce around, and do this little butt-wiggle when I’d feed her or she was just really happy. Now she’s super-serious, moves regally, and merely offers me a bow in thanks when I feed her.

She’s so stern now.

The “Thank You” bow.

There’s still some training to do; I need to teach her a different fighting skill once I get the stuff to do it. But other than that, I’m the proud owner of a virtual magical horse. 🙂

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