They look just like you and me…

Ok, ok, I was watching the news again and that’s always good for some odd thoughts. An example would be that I now know why Governor Gray Davis was removed from office: He’s a space alien.

No, really. In a speech he gave on the capitol steps in Sacramento on September 17th he let the world know his true intentions, and I quote:

“My vision is to make the most diverse state on Earth, and we have people from every planet on Earth in this state. We have the sons and daughters of every, of people from every planet, of every country on Earth.”

I’ve always had a strong feeling that a lot of people in California aren’t from around here, galactically speaking. Now it’s confirmed.

So now there’s a new guy in office, Arnold… Well, he’s pretty much par for the course over there. Seriously, I saw the new governor of California playing electric guitar on stage with Dee Snider during a rousing rendition of “We Ain’t Gonna Take It”…

In all seriousness I think Arny will do well as governor because he’s got something professional politicians don’t have; he knows he’s a political idiot and doesn’t take himself seriously… He’s got lots of hired professionals from both sides of the fence to make policy and he just has to decide which policy is better according to what people want.

Well, that and he’s a cyborg from the future who’s trying to save the human race from computer-controlled destruction.

So there you have it; Californians prefer cyborgs over aliens nearly two to one.