Three steps forward, two steps back…

Some times I wonder why it seems that only crazy people get rich… Maybe it's all those years of obsessing over money that makes them crazy? I don't know.

Anyways, all of our well planed plans at acquiring this school out here in Virginia fell though. This isn't really a “bad” thing, but it sure is frustrating.

The short version of the story is simply that the fellow who currently owns the school went crazy and refused to sign any agreement that came from an attorney. He insisted that our insistence on running all of this though a lawyer of some sort meant that we didn't trust him… Well, yes, that is basically what it meant, but none of us are much for “spit and a handshake” anymore due to the countless times we've been screwed by it.

So this fellow acquiesced two days ago and wrote up his own agreement for us to sign, again without any legal advice (he's too smart for that). His three page document basically laid out in several places the fact that the corporation was hiding something in it's books and taxes, and he ended it all with a blatant “as is, where is” which negates any stipulations in the document.

During all of this Zeze and I were doing everything in our power to make this guy happy including cleaning out his cat infested storage shed and basement, and performing a complete inventory of everything in, or owned by, the school.

Well, yesterday after an hour or so of talking about it all amongst ourselves we just decided to walk away from the deal as something was amiss and we didn't want to get caught by it.

The whole thing is just very surrealistic.

So now we're brain storming something else to do as our financier has set aside $100k and figures we should do “something” with it.

Other than that it's grey and overcast here today. That's nice though as it makes the temperature outside pleasantly cool. I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible before true summer sets in and kids start frying eggs on the sidewalk for the entertainment value of it.