Time marches on…

I managed to get ahold of a utility to create watch faces for the Apple Watch, and while installation is a giant PITA, once it’s working it’s pretty keen.

Being a fan of ‘old stuff’, my first modification of the Apple Watch was, of course, to turn it into an old-school 80’s LED watch.

What’s interesting is that the Apple Watch is OLED, so the less it displays the less power it uses and longer the battery lasts. With the combination of turning on the ‘raise to view’ in the series-6 watch, and this mock-LED setup using so little screen, the battery in the watch lasts days now.

Other than that, I’m still involved with the client I’ve been dealing with for a couple of months now — but I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not that these folks are a bad client… It’s more that I have generally plenty of balls in the air at work, and sales adding more things for me to juggle causes excessive complexity for little to no profit.

See, when sales gets one of these ‘technically tricky’ projects on the hook and decides to drop it on my plate, lots of other things needing my attention start to pile up. So, while the company gets to bill me out at a couple hundred an hour, the things not getting done wind up costing a couple hundred an hour.

So it’s usually a wash for the company — but sales gets a commission, so they keep doing it.

Oh well.