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Tune Up

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I spent the afternoon yesterday at the dealership while having the Murano’s seasonal maintenance done… $564.11 later and the car should be good to go until October.

Why so much?

Well, I buy my oil changes in batches as it’s a bit cheaper than one-off changes, and it was time to buy another three for the next year and a half. I also had the brakes flushed, the intake and upper engine cleaned, and the tires balanced and rotated… About three hours of work at $118 an hour adds up.

What the Murano looks like lifted…

While the Murano only has a bit over 14,000 miles on it, the last year has been entirely stoplight to stoplight on the occasional short trip to or from the office – which are hard miles for a car… They do much better if you get them up to 60-70 mph and stay there for hours at a time.

While I was at the dealership I got to see the car shortage first hand…

This is the new car lot… It’s mostly empty…

Normally the lot out in front of the dealership has hundreds of cars in it, with multiple versions of each model in various colors and trims… Yesterday there were 30-40 cars total on the lot and exactly three Maximas in the entire place.

I mention Maximas because I wanted to see the new model up close. They’re really nice, but not enough ground clearance for Colorado.

Anyway, the shortage is severe enough that the dealership had hand-written signs up offering to buy people’s used cars just to have something to sell…

Hopefully things get back to normal eventually. “Just In Time” manufacturing is super susceptible to supply chain disruption and, well, the entire planet has been disrupted for a year.

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