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Unplugged, part two

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While waiting for the new phone to arrive, I’ve been training myself to not rely on the iPhone quite so much; leaving it on my desk when I go to bed, leaving it at home when I go out, etcetera. I even managed to leave it at work yesterday and didn’t notice until this morning.

In the interest of doing something far better with my idle moments than cruising news feeds or playing the mobile game of the week, I dug out my old Kindle Voyage with the plan to do some light reading…

The Voyage had been sitting in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet since before I moved out of my house in Murphy Creek out east, so it had been without power for about four years… I was concerned that this might have caused some battery issues, but I’m happy to say the Voyage charged back up and after a manual firmware update is as good as new.

Some stylish photography with my Canon G12 instead of a phone…

The current light reading is “The Dictator’s Handbook”, which is a fascinating dissertation on the rules of rulership and why bad behavior is almost always good politics… Basically the modern version of Machiavelli’s “The Prince”.

I’d forgotten just how easy on the eyes the Voyage is. It’s a 300dpi e-ink display, so it’s reflective like regular print versus transmissive like a monitor, and my old eyes are really appreciating the break.