A week or so ago a lot of the guys and gals from my old WoW guild “put the band back together” with the goal of trying it again, but this time without all the drama a few select folks brought with them. Everyone is also more of a 'Horde' player so the decision was made to start up something on the Horde-side of the fence again… So “Wrath's Hand” was formed and everyone was contacted to see if they were interested in playing again.

So I resurrected one of the first characters I made in WoW which I deleted about three years ago, a Tauren Druid named 'Mishakawe', and have been playing on and off for a week or so. I also rolled up a Tauren warrior, but haven't made it to the double digits yet.

We're on the Horde side of the same server I've been on for a long time now, “Tanaris”, and so far we're raising a lot of hell and giving the poor Alliance folks daily panic attacks in the battlegrounds… The other day three of us from the guild; a hunter named, 'Knoxic', another druid 'Arx' and myself, kept 20+ Alliance out of Drek'Thar's chamber in AV for over a half an hour while the other 30+ Horde players took the north end of the map and won.

3 on 20 and we were destroying them…

Later on the Blizzard forums we got a few compliments and a lot of grousing regarding our performance. We merely pointed out that we were actually from the server 'Lightninghoof', a PVP server, and cut our teeth on the hides of Alliance players back when the game first came out… The undead priest I have that replaced the druid has over 13,000 registered Alliance kills from back before multi-server battlegrounds and arenas – back when the warfare was far more personal because the figthing took place out in the world and was contained on the server.

So, yeah, I have been doing a little bit outside of work.