The fist night here at Ravenwood was very, very nice.

Yesterday was a lot of moving. I'm pretty much moved, zeze is 3/4 moved, kalira is half moved, and max has yet to make much of a dent in the mountain of stuff he has.

The warwagon's carburetor developed a problem on the way up, just to keep things interesting for max who was driving it. It eventually made it though, so there is another project to be done before winter.

Last night's bit of a rock climb up to “shaman's rock” was a lot of fun. Unfortunately that whole area has gone from “wilderness” to “subburb”. There were about 30 people up there on the rocks last night, and 11 of them were kids belonging to one family. Ultimately we left early due to the people – I guess I need to find a new rock 🙁

See, from Shaman's rock you can see all the fireworks at once – from Boulder to Castle Rock.

It was in the high 40's last night, but even with the windows open, the foot thick walls of the house kept it in the mid 60's inside. It looks like it won't be too hard to heat the place on wood this winter.

Marshal has already settled in and is zipping about the place enjoying the space to run. I'm hopeful that the flagstone floors will help keep his claws trimmed. At the apartment I had to clip him every two weeks to keep him from sticking to the carpet.

So that's it for this update, I'm off to wrangle some coffee and finish this episode of “sunrise over Legault Mountain”. 🙂