Things are starting to settle in here in the thin air.

As one would expect, there are certain 'learning experiences' with new roommates in that one has to learn to adjust to other folks ways of doing things. For example; I moved here for the peace, quiet, and to enjoy a bit more 'rustic' lifestyle that doesn't include TV and can go for long periods without even electricity. I'm also a 'bare essentials' kind of person and, even though I currently own the most stuff I've ever owned, it is still just the essentials and maybe two cubic feet of 'personal items' that have no use other than to remind me of my past… Essentially three car loads, which means I'm getting soft in my old age.

Max on the other hand has this big box fan he runs all night for 'white noise' (that I'm slowly learning to sleep through), really digs TV and occasionally stays up past everyone else to catch some show/movie/whatever (and I'm starting to tune it out), and suffers serious withdrawals when the tenuous-at-best internet connection here is either slow or not working.

I did warn them, and even suggested things like the “Book of the Month Club”… 😉

Max is also a packrat… There are boxes of Max's stuff in the garage, in the back room, in his bedroom, in the living room, in the round room, and even in my Jeep… And there is still more to move. There has been a couple of trips with Klaira's truck, Zeze's Jeep, and a trailer hooked to the back of Zeze's jeep – at the same time – and there is still more stuff to move. 🙂

Zeze has been out of work for the entire week so far for peritoneal dialysis training, and the other IT guy I have was out Monday and will be out again today, which has had the effect of about tripling my already egregious work load. To make things even better, the universe has conspired against me and has once again made it so I have to run two tests for two different clients at the exact same time… One client I'm running a test for *finally*, after two months, got AT&T to set up their servers in the data center for test, so they have exactly today and tomorrow for test. The other client has very small windows available for test and those just happen to be today and tomorrow… Oh, and the other IT guy I have gave notice yesterday and I'm unclear on if I'll get a replacement.

So there ya have it. As I always say; good, bad, it is always an adventure. 🙂