For Christmas I paid off the PT Cruiser, got the title for it, and dropped about $1300 on window tint, new stereo gear, and sound deadening for the interior!

And on January 29th I was involved in a car accident where the PT Cruiser was totaled by a lady in a red Jaguar who was in way too much of a hurry…

I was pulling out of my complex here to make a left across Quincy (two lanes each direction with a median between them), and the traffic in the near lane had backed up at the light to make the right like they always do, but they left a break for me – so I pulled out.

Just as I did said Jag-Lady gets mad at the delay, floors it out of the right turn lane and into the left lane to fly past the little people where she will wedge back in at the light to make the right – and accelerates into the driver’s side front wheel on the PT at about 50mph.

This bounces my head off of the door frame and tweaks my neck pretty bad, and I end up at the hospital to get checked out. This is where the cop gives me my traffic ticket for ‘taking the right of way’ and a court summons.

Long story short they determine it’s her fault because she accelerated into my car (no skid marks) and told the officer that she was going to make the right at the light – from the left-hand lane… So it became pretty obvious what happened.

Anyway, I’m not at fault but I’m also not going to get anything from the insurance – so I sold the PT for parts, sold the Warwagon to a guy from Texas who showed up with a trailer, loaded it, and left me with a fist full of cash, and I used that for the down payment on a bright red soft-top 2010 Jeep Wrangler “Rubicon”.

This is my second “new” car; it has 18 miles on it – 6 of those were put on getting it home.