Well, as usually happens when I get going on any sort of creative endeavor, life rises up and attempts to consume every iota of free time.

This time it is a gargantuan project for a client I can't talk about, working on things I can't talk about, that has required the company to move to three shifts 24/7. I think we've hired about 55 people in the last two weeks…

Not bad, and it's good for the company… But wow has it been a ton of work to get to this point. I think I've been averaging about 60 hours a week for a month now.

But, things are getting to a point where the project managers for this endeavor can handle it, so I'm getting a bit more free time here and there. 🙂

So, let's see – what else?

Oh, Linden Lab – the company that ostensibly runs Second Life – has managed to once again horribly screw up all of the billing for the 20-ish regions I own there.

It's a quarterly thing with these guys; missed invoices, double billing, random service failures… But this time they won't allow me to pay them, and won't tell me anything with regards to fixing it.

I've never encountered a 'company' that makes it so hard to give them money…

So last week I decided enough was enough, and that I'm getting out of the virtual land baron game. With this decision comes the work and expense to hand off everything I have running to other people to ensure continuity of service. So my scant free time has been taken up with “How2SL” for a half dozen new land owners.

And then I will not have dozens of renters!

In that regard I'm introducing Caerth to the wide world of the Internet – so you can expect to see literary bits and art featuring the world popping up here and there. I've dusted off my original SL account from 2004 and am in the process of reworking it for some on-line adventures in Vardale.

The fresh perspective has already spawned a few story ideas – so stay tuned for some magipunk adventures.

And with that, let me leave you with a sketch of Raesh…