Time for the bi-weekly update…

Not a lot happened Thursday and Friday; just the usual routine of getting up, going to work, answering a few unsolvable problems, heading home, and then sleeping.

Friday on the way home from work Jae and I stopped by Microcenter; I was there to get a 1 Gig compact flash card for my camera and Jae to see about getting a new mother board and CPU for his computer.

Well to get the parts he wanted/needed it took a lot more money than he’d figured, so I dropped the $200 for his motherboard as a Christmas present.

Saturday morning Aryntha, Rai, and I went and got breakfast at our ritual road-trip breakfast place, then headed north to spend the day in Wyoming. No, no real reason and yes, there is *nothing* there… If you ever want to get away from it all, go to Wyoming.

So we bummed around for the afternoon out in the middle of nowhere then returned back to Denver. After dropping them off at their apartment I returned home and spent the remainder of the evening writing.

Today I spent the morning organizing my photos in Adobe Photoshop Album before waking Jae up at 1pm to see if he was interested in getting lunch…

It turns out that he got the wrong CPU for the motherboard I bought him Friday night and needed a ride back over to Microcenter to exchange it for something useful.

So off we went back to Aurora and he got something he could use for $60 more. From there we finally stopped for lunch/dinner at the Chili’s across the parking lot from the old Continental Theater. The Continental is neat because it’s one of the few 70mm theaters in the US (a normal theater is 35mm). Anyways, we stopped there to see “Ocean’s 12” which was ok, but not as good as the first one in my humble opinion.

And there you have it, my weekend. This week is only three days long and the company party is Wednesday, which promises to be fun.

So, having driven about 500 miles this weekend I’m signing off “life” early this evening, taking a long hot shower, and crawling into my bed.

See you all some time during the week.