It’s been a few days since the last update.

A little over a week ago one of the players from one of my RP settings in Second Life passed away, and that’s hit me pretty hard. It’s one thing to see people you know of pass away, but it’s another when it’s someone you spend time talking to and hanging out with — even if it was only virtually.

I never got to meet Melissa in the really real world, but I’m not sure that really matters in this day and age.

She had been in the hospital dealing with an illness since late November, and we rode the roller-coaster of better and worse with her right up to the end.

My settings in Second Life have seen literally thousands of players come and go, but losing someone who was so close to the ‘inner core’ is an uncomfortable first. And I’m still processing it.

Other than that, I’m still working on my ten year plan and doing whatever I can to make that goal… It’s tough though. It seems like every time I turn around there’s another issue that needs to be dealt with or an unforeseen expense that sets me back, and I continue to not make much headway. But I’ll keep beating my head against the wall in the hopes it gives way before I do.

In about a week I will hit the big Five-O, and that has me a bit o.O as well… Fifty years is frightfully long period of time; it’s been a fantastic ride though. I’m pleased with all I’ve done and seen so far, and that’s all anyone can really ask for I guess.

Oh, and here’s a picture from my office window for anyone who might be winter impaired. 🙂