Not a ton of things to update this time around.

The land stuff for my Ten Year Plan is slooooowly moving forward at bored government functionary speed… The right of way has been settled, as well as the road leading to it, and none of the 'neighbors' had an issue with it. So there are now two flags demarking where the gate will eventually be, and in another few weeks I'll have the paperwork so that I can start on the utilities.

In other news, I'm still playing around in RoE even though two of our party of ten have already fallen.

One was for not really fitting the theme, which as someone who has run a dozen RP sims I can understand the admin request. The character wasn't really 'sci-fi' — right down to the elvish name, and the admin that took then player aside to see if they could fit theme a bit better was actually really nice about it… But the player didn't take it well and rage-quit.

The second was for somehow having access to the admin section of the sim's forums, and then going to an admin with 'look what I know' — and then being banhammered for it.

The rest of us though are still progressing with our plans to be a cross between the Mafia and the Illuminati.