It’s been a couple of months since my last post. In my defense though, it’s been crazy-busy at work and that always curtails my desire to do much more than stare at a wall when nothing is going on.

My adventures in RoE came to an end about a month ago — for similar reasons as last time…

I’ve been running RP sims in Second Life for over 15 years now, so I can say with some authority that RoE’s biggest hurdle is literally the people running it.

It’s somewhat frustrating to see so much potential frittered away on nepotistic hugbox politics, railroaded MacGuffin story-lines to support Mary Sue staff, and the fact the place is little more than a sex sim.

I don’t want to get too far into the weeds on the subject, but RoE just isn’t a nice place to spend time — for me.

Some of the folks I’ve worked with on previous RP sims in Second Life have continued to work on the idea of spinning up another effort… But they are all systems people, so I figure they’ll be agonizing over fiddly combat rules, the statistical analysis of randomness, the economic vagaries of money sinks, and how to automate all of it pretty much forever.

Whatever keeps them entertained I guess. 🙂

I got a proposal for the genera, setting, races, ability templates, major plot arcs, and all of the other story stuff done back in September. So now I just tune in to watch the discussions of how to subtract numbers from numbers with style.

On my side of things I’m still working in my Caerth setting. Once things settle out I’d like to pen a short story or three in setting and see if there’s any interest in publishing them. If so, I’ll add ‘write novels’ to my list of things I’d like to do when I retire.

Speaking of Caerth, I had a reference sheet done for Painless (an RL friend of mine) for his inclusion into said stories.

Painless Wolf as he might appear in the Caerth storyline

I might overwrite Raeshlavik with Painless as Valinye’s ‘guardian and confidant’ in the setting, just so I’m not writing both parts. That and it’s a role Painless filled for many years in Roanoak for the Empress, so he kind of fits already.

I’ll probably not run a version of Caerth in SL though… SL is such a cesspit these days, and even thinking about it has exhausted my desire to mollify the masses there.

I can use it to illustrate things though…

Anyway, outside of that my ten year plan is still inching along. The multitudinous number of government folks who involved themselves in this effort have all finally aligned, so now I can actually purchase the land I agreed to purchase almost a year ago.

The meeting with the attorney to sign the paperwork should happen this month, depending on schedules.