One of my favorite parts of moving is finding all of the really cool hole in the wall places near where you moved.

Yesterday I found a Shipley’s Donuts just down the street, and picked up a half-dozen glazed for my roommate and a large coffee for myself.

Today’s adventure took me to a place called “Doug’s Day Diner” where I picked up breakfast… Gotta love a place that has over a dozen ways to make an egg — including several ways just to scramble them. And you can literally order your bacon soft, regular, or crispy.

I went with my usual; biscuits and gravy. The gravy is pretty good, even if it could use a bit more sausage, but the biscuit is phenomenal. The scrambled egg was pretty good as well!

My roommate hasn’t gotten to his yet, so I’m not sure what his verdict is… Even though I wait until I hear his shower running before I go to get breakfast, and it takes a half an hour to pick up and return with said breakfast, he’s usually still in the shower when I get back.

I’m former military; if I’m in the shower for more than ten minutes it usually means I’m ill — which handily offsets the water bill for his ‘Hollywood’ showers.

Speaking of the roommate, he’s been down with some sort of flu bug for a week now. This, of course, has my boss/cfo worried that it’s a case of the zombies — so I’ve been told to not come into work for a while and that the roommate needs to go get tested for the controllavirus…

He drove over and got tested yesterday, and I’m assuming the test will come back positive… I’m pretty sure a hangnail would test as covid these days. I mean, there have been some fairly high-profile test fails in the news — like someone testing a soda and it coming back positive.

And it appears covid cured the common cold as the flu numbers this season are pretty much zero — because everything’s coming up covid.

Ehh, whatever. I don’t mind working from home, and once again I have a new home to figure out while I’m here. 🙂