It’s been a month or so since the last update, so I should post something simply for proof of life.

I’ve been incredibly busy with work and have not had much time for anything creative or extracurricular in a bit over three months now. For example, I think I’ve been in SecondLife for a grand total of fifteen minutes since Halloween and I’ve not written anything but sales materials and company blog posts since the first snowfall.

I do wish all of the extra work equated to extra money, but all it is really doing is just keeping the doors open… Which is a form of extra money I suppose.

I’ve not had to interview for a position in about twenty years — so if I can keep from having to do so it’s probably in my best interest. I’m north of 50 now, and while I’ve been doing computer ‘stuff’ since computers became personal, and I’ve literally worked on the technologies that created the Internet we all use today, I can feel it getting harder to keep up.

The art of passing time.

Let’s see here… My Murano just passed 10,000 miles, so that means since I purchased it in July of 2018 I’ve averaged 555.555 miles per month. Which is a nice side-effect of doing nothing but driving back and forth to work; the car is still practically brand new!


I’m still working toward my ten year plan I began on May first 2016, so I’m coming up on four years and I think I’m still on-track. I’ve not managed much headway on the homestead over the winter with work and all though. I’m still down-sizing, which is where the MacBook I’ve written about came from. I recently gave away a bunch of kitchen gadgets like a crock pot, two popcorn makers, a tea maker, a keurig coffee machine, and some other stuff to some friends. And that’s probably a car-load of stuff I no longer have to move. 🙂

Lastly for this update is the potential of moving in a month or so. The costs on the condo I’m in now is going way up while the area is going down hill quickly — so I think it’s time to make another move…

Where I am now is in the Denver Tech Center, right near one of the lightrail stations, and over the last three years it become more and more like L.A. here; homelessness, drugs, and crime are all on the rise and the neighbors are becoming unsavory… There’s been trash in the hallway a couple of times now, which is new, and it’s getting louder and louder as people move out and rent the condos…

I’ve found a new townhouse about four miles from work that is literally new; they were just finished a month or two ago in a nice area further away from Denver. And it has an attached 2-car garage!

So slightly less money, less travel time to-from work, nicer area with a ton of stuff in walking distance, a brand new build, and my own garage.

Anyway, I’ll be heading over to talk to them Tuesday and getting more information to base a decision upon.