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I’m on “vacation”, which just means it can take 30 minutes to an hour for me to get around to the current world-ending problem at work. My roommate also starts vacation today, so if anything physical happens at work, one of us will have to drive in — which takes all of ten minutes — so they’ll survive.

This morning I splurged and had breakfast delivered from Black Bear Diner over by work.

I’ve been meaning to get over there and try their reportedly epic breakfast which apparently results in hour-long lines at the other locations, but they opened right as the zombie apocalypse happened. So, it’s just not been possible to actually go there when I have had the time.

It turns out that they do pickup and delivery as well, but they don’t open until 8am, which is several hours after I get to work or have already eaten on weekends and that’s made it difficult too.

This morning though, I finally pulled it off and got the “Breakfast Combo Family Meal”; which appears to be the sort of thing they offer for catering and says it feeds four. After adding a coffee, a sweet tea for the roommate, the delivery fee, and taxes it was about $50… It arrived in 30 minutes, in various serving trays, and was really good; scrambled eggs, bacon, country potatoes, biscuits, condiments… The works!

Of the lot, the biscuits were the impressive/scary part; they basically fill a ten-inch cake-pan with biscuit, bake it, and cut the final product into four pieces. The end result is a really good biscuit, but it’s a really dense four inch cube… I ate half of one and hit my bread limit.

The roommate seems happy with the breakfast spread as well, and he’s super picky — so I guess it’s a win.

In other news the USPS says my new watch band is apparently going to be delivered today… I’m not going to hold my breath, but it’s nice to get some kind of indication out of them that the package still exists.

I’m also currently tracking the UPS delivery truck that contains my Atari VCS as it meanders around the neighborhood.

Soon ™.