Still kicking.

We recently passed the one year anniversary of “two weeks to flatten the curve”. I took a snapshot of the emergency alert on my phone when it happened, mostly because I was pretty sure that once they went that far it would become the new starting line.

And here we are.

Let’s see, what else?

Oh, got the first full month utility bill for the new house – $115 – which is about $20 more than the last townhouse for the same period. I somewhat expected a larger number as the new place is roughly three times the size and utility rates are rising due to the current political climate, so I’m pretty pleased with a mere $20.

How this pans out in the summer where I have to cool three times the space has yet to be seen…

I’m still waiting for the Murano to hit 14,000 miles so I can do my next miles-per-month calculation – but with how little I’m driving it’s taking a while. There’s just nowhere to go, and even if there was it’d either be fraught with unpleasant plandemic rules or simply closed because of the same. That and gas prices are continuing to rise, so the less I drive, the more I can put towards paying off the car I can’t afford to use.

Other than that, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and hoping better days are just over the next hill.

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