I have been actively working on the beta for “The Burning Crusade”, the expansion for World of Warcraft due out in January. So far it is most excellent and will be worth every penny of the $30 it will cost when it comes out.

I have also been playing “Eve Online”, which is hard to explain to folks: It is an economy simulator teamed up with an asset management system, wrapped in a space combat simulator, and coated in a rich, creamy persistent MMO universe.

Basically it is a game designed to allow someone like Raeshlavik to be a sleazy weapons mogul who secretly funds a pirate/mercenary organization who instigates the battles people buy the weapons for (this is actually what I am doing in the game, and have become stupidly wealthy doing it). The trick, of course, is not letting either side know you are involved, so there are several layers of corporation in the works to cover my tracks with and two dissimilar organizations that I run – one for the acquisition, research, and development of ships and weapons, and the other which controls a rather blood-thirsty gang of hardened criminal space-pirates.

Ahh, the intriguing world of hostile takeovers, gun running, smuggling, and putting on that three-piece and making nice with the dignitaries of two quadrants of space. 😉

All in all, a really well made game. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a 'thinking' MMO with more than monster bashing.

And with that I will head off into the electronic sunset. Till next time, take care out there.