WarWagon – The Emissions Saga, the final chapter…

I got over to the DMV at precisely 7am this morning, went inside, got ticket number 101, and commenced waiting for a few minutes while they got things together.

Eventually I got to talk to one of the nice people there, showed her the emissions report, the registration, my driver's license and my insurance card and told her that I needed plates for ye olde WarWagon.

After some discussion she allowed me to get collector plates for the Jeep, which cost five times the going rate for plates but don't expire until 2013 and I'll never have to go through the emissions hassle ever again… That air pump will be comming off ASAP! 🙂

But, the story doesnt end there… See, there are very few places left in this world that will actually take a check, and a few places wont take cash any more either, so I never carry my checkbook and rarely carry cash.

Unfortunately, everything dealing with the State is cash or check only, so I had to have Zeze bring my checkbook over to the DMV so that I could pay the $206.31 for my plates.

But, once that was done, I put the stickers on the plates and the plates on the WarWagon…

This is your notice. I can now drive the WarWagon anywhere I want and at any time!

What a battle… I think I'm going to take a few days off before starting on the next phase of WarWagon upgrades.