I'll be on my way down to Denver here in a few hours. I've got some things to finish work-wise as well as my laundry, which means I should get on the road around noon/1pm.

I like road trips, especially here in the mountains. I like them even more in the off season where there aren't 1×10^32 people trying to either get here, or get away from here all at the same time.

I'll stop by and pick up another half pound of Elk jerky for Lyon on my way down. It's good stuff. 🙂

I've been too busy this week to do much in the way of writing for Wolf's game, so she's on her own this time. Which is ok.

I might stop by Aryntha and Rai's place today and see if we can do some phone work then head over to Wolf and Lyon's place tonight or tomorrow before game. I have to be back here Monday morning to get started on the photography for the inventory. Larry will be setting up and pricing his 300 piece watch collection this weekend and I'll get it on the 'net by Wednesday… If you're looking for a good deal on a Rolex, Accutron, Bulova, or other collector's watch, check out the web site when I get it done.

Well, back to work…

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