Weekend events…

Yesterday after work was pretty cool. I drove over to Aryntha and Rai's place after work, and we collectively went over to this New-York pizza joint where they know the thickly 'jersey accented proprietor. Fantastic pizza.

From there we gathered up a few cameras and decided to drive east until we reached a place where there were no people… We ended up on this desolate dirt road somewhere south of Flagler Colorado and were able to play around with some long exposures without the light pollution/traffic/hassle of humanity.

What troubled me about this is it took up a little over two hours to get to where there were no people…

It was nice to be out there though as you really got the feeling you were under a big bowl that was painted with stars, clouds, and the moon… There was nothing but fields from horizon to horizon in all directions.

It was grand.

After we hung out there and decompressed for a bit we turned around and started to make for Denver again… This is where Aryntha caught the interest of a Lincoln county sheriff and was pulled over.

What should have been a stressful situation was quickly resolved as the officer turned out to be the equivalent of Superman… He spoke with “radio voice”, was really just making sure that we knew a light was out on the car and wanted to tell us about this *huge* accident about 20 miles ahead.

All in all a pretty decent human.

So onward we went and a few minutes after the sheriff passed us we saw him again on the side of the road helping someone under the hood of their car.

We eventually came to the accident: What was left of the semi was nothing more than a charred slag heap of aluminum and steel and the few cars scattered about weren't much better. All in all there were something like 20 emergency vehicles at the scene. We were detoured off the highway and quickly came to another semi in distress on the detour… The driver of this truck had misjudged a corner and ended up with one of the two trailers he was pulling in a ditch and mostly blocking the detour.


After a lot of wishing we had never left the middle of nowhere we got back on the highway and made it back to their place… I made it back here at 5am and successfully ignored the clamoring till 10am.

Tonight is a gaming night though Wolf, Lyon, and Noan won't be here for it. They'll be off at some BDSM thing.

Oh well.

And with that I have to log off, go get some dinner, and get in character. 🙂


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