Weekend, take one…

Made it back down the mountain to Lyon and Wolf's place. Aryntha and Rai are on the way over here. Gaming will probably ensue.

I went out and bought groceries with Wolf tonight. If I'm shacking up here on occasion, then I feel it's my duty to help out with the bills where I can… I spent $165 and Wolf spent another $100 for two carts full of grub. Not bad really.

Lyon is MIA… He had one of his “Scene” meetings to attend and that can mean he won't be back till tomorrow… Oh well.

Kaitlin is with Scales at Maegan's place tonight, so there is actually some sanity here. 🙂

Well, I'll sign off here and get back to writing up the back story for my character… It's only about 23 pages so far. I like to give the ST a lot of things to play off of. 🙂

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