Here we are, another weekend and another two days of music and musing. Today’s events will include some writing, finishing up the third book of “The Dresden Files”, and maybe if time permits, some Shadowbane.

I had dinner with Scott, the boiler repair guy, and his girlfriend last night. It was actually a house call to take a look at their computers with dinner being the bait, but it was delicious none the less; chicken enchiladas. They have two really cool cats named “Tick” and “Tock”, both are black as pitch, the size of a small dog, have thumbs, and Scott called them “Ozark Mountain Cats”. At any rate they were both really friendly and were just very neat cats in general.

The computer repair was easy, as usual; just a case of too much spyware again. Adaware should give me a percentage for all the copies I’ve sold over the last year.

I guess people in general just click on anything that pops up on the screen when they’re online. Something like 60% of the repairs I’ve done over the past year have just been getting rid of gator or any of the other 1×10^32 variants that people’s kids download with Kazaa…

At the store Jack and I have gotten both the snow board rack and the ski rack finished. We should be open for real business next Monday.

Other than that it’s a beautiful day up here in the thin air. I might go for a walk while the sun is still up before firing up the fireplace and finishing my book.