Went to a show…

Actual previews! That one was the new James Bond movie.

Saw “Tenet”. It was very SciFi Channel, but after not seeing a movie since “Rise of Skywalker” nine months ago, I won’t complain.

And the popcorn was really good.

Scott and I were the only people in the entire theater — but once the lights went out and the movie started I was still able to pretend things were normal for a couple of hours.

On the way out we struck up a conversation with some of the staff and they said they had about 30 people show up tonight. They’re only open for one or two evening showings on the weeknights right now, and they can only seat about quarter capacity in a theater — so 30 people is okay they said.

All in all I was happy to spend $60 on a ‘meh’ movie just to LARP living in a normal society.