What’s in a name…

This morning, after the loud 7am phone call from the previous entry and the associated morning routine to get going for the day, I decided I wanted a cup of coffee…

The problem is, I don’t have any coffee in the house, nor any way of easily making it – mostly because my doctor frowns furiously at me for drinking coffee. But I occasionally cheat and sneak a cup for old time’s sake and just not mention it to him.

So, not having any coffee in the house I thought about going over to the store and buying a bag of coffee… And determined that this would be silly as I’d probably end up with a coffee maker as well. And this would lead to way more than just the occasional cup of cheater coffee.

So that led to consulting the Internet Oracle for ‘who makes the best coffee in Denver’ and the determination that I’d just go get a solitary cuppa joe somewhere.

The result from the Internet Brain Trust was a place called “First Watch”…

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m former Navy, so a name like “First Watch” has special meaning to me. Let me explain for the non-Navy out there…

“First Watch” is typically the morning 04:00 to 08:00 watch – which is the one after mid watch so has the best coffee because it’s fresh.

Mid watch is the midnight watch, the 00:00 to 04:00 which has the strongest, nastiest coffee you can imagine… The joke is if you can stand a spoon vertically in the cup (or the spoon simply dissolves), it’s mid watch coffee.

The reason for this is how coffee is made on board.

The big Bunn pots (kinda like this) are emptied and cleaned before breakfast, and then more and more coffee is brewed throughout the day – usually by just adding more coffee to the basket to save on filters. By the time mid rolls around, several dozen pots of coffee have been made, and each gets stronger and stronger from the residuals of the previous pot.

The same goes for the galley in general; cleaned before breakfast and used throughout the day.

So, calling your breakfast place “First Watch” means, to Navy folks, that it’s the best possible coffee you can get. And this goes along with amazing ‘stick to your ribs’ breakfasts of no-frills made with lots of butter scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits.

So, having bought into the name of the place I decided to give it a go, but the place is way over at I-25 and Arapahoe and I have things to do… So I decided to get Doordash to deliver it. But Doordash has a minimum order for delivery, so I ended up getting breakfast there as well.

What I didn’t do is thoroughly examine the menu before ordering…

Everything on the menu is ‘organic’, ‘free range’, ‘no hormones’, ‘meatless alternative’ and ‘gluten free’, and made with weird stuff like kale and quinoa and everything has an avocado on it… So, it’s a California import.

I wound up with some sort of thin, flavorless turkey-sausage gravy on a sketchy biscuit probably made with some rare wheat no one can pronounce and two eggs that were probably from a quail given the pitiful portion. The hash-browns looked to be actual potatoes and onions though, and weren’t bad.

But the coffee was really good and included a handful of various creamers and “raw” sweeteners – and was the high-point of the entire $22 meal.

So, the moral of the story is that if a place has a name that evokes fond memories of the before times, it’s probably just a weird post-modern deconstruction of those memories and shouldn’t be trusted.

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