Wild Wild West

With the zombie threat having abated so we can leave our homes again, and my car having been recently serviced and ready for a road trip – today I headed south to my property near Walsenburg.

The trip was multi-faceted; I wanted to visit some friends down that way, wanted to give them 5-pounds of complimentary Government Cheese, wanted to get away from the city, and wanted to put a few rounds down-range from my 45-70.

All of this and more is possible by simply driving 175 miles south on I-25…

I left the house at 09:30, topped off the tank in the Murano and picked up some road-sodas, and the first stop was in Pueblo at 11:30 for lunch at “Country Kitchen”.

From the hill at the north end of Pueblo. The three power plants center frame are Comanche 1, 2, and 3.

I met up with Painless and Griffy at the restaurant at noon, we ate some really good grub, and then I continued on to Walsenburg while they finished up some shopping in Pueblo and would meet me at the property once they were done.

Arriving at my property I got out my 45-70 lever, put five rounds of bog-standard Marlin 405 grain in the magazine and five more in the butt-cuff, and grabbed three of the hotter Sellier and Bellot rounds just to try them out. Painless strapped on his Luger and a few spare mags, and then we went to walk the fence-line.

Looking west from the south gate into the property

It was a beautiful day for a hike into the wilds; about 80 degrees, partial cloud cover, and a decent breeze coming down off of the mountains.

It’s also been really wet this year, so we were treated to some really fantastic wildflowers:

Flowering cactus

Some kind of super-purple desert flower

We followed the fence line out the the north end of the property which abuts state land…

We hiked out to that ridge just under the mountain line, center-frame, where we could be certain no one was around

Once we were a good half-mile away from anything even remotely civilized I squeezed off a few rounds; I still need to sight in the scope on the 45-70, but it worked well enough for about 70 yard shots into a convenient arroyo.

Probably the best part of 45-70 is the sound – it’s an earth-shaker round and the report echos off the mountains for a good ten seconds.

Once the barrel was nice and warm I safed it, stowed my ears, and we walked the rest of the fence…

Looking north-west from the north end of the property.

Looking east from the east end of the property

Eventually it was time to head back to Denver though, so I packed up, said my goodbyes, and headed North – stopping at Cracker Barrel in Colorado Springs for dinner at 19:00.

I topped off the tank again when I got back into town; 11.26 gallons of gas to cover 350 miles – or about 31 MPG… The Murano is an amazing highway cruiser. 🙂

Anyway, I pulled into the garage here at home at 20:30, unloaded the car, and once I post this I’m calling it a night.