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I know the stories and pictures of and about ravenwood would lead one to think I'm about 20 miles west of nowhere, but that's not really the case. One of the three “flagship” safeway stores is about a quarter mile from here, and around the safeway there's a small sorta-mall with a few restaurants and other stores.

But, I am far enough out in “the wild” to have all of the perks of less civilization… For example I had two elk bucks play-sparring with each other in my front yard this morning and Marshal caught himself a mouse that was seen in the house as well. Marshal is still the wondercat – he went from catnip mice to real mice without so much as a bent whisker… And he's good at mousing as well; taking station in the kitchen early this morning and covering the exits. I didn't see the action, but there was a growl, the scrabbling of claws on flagstone, and a loud squeek. Marshal then trotted back into the kitchen looking pleased with himself and a small field mouse in his teeth.

I tossed the mouse and made sure to reward the cat with praise and petting. 🙂

So there ya have it, another morning at ravenwood.