Winter Wonderland

It snowed all night and in fact is still snowing right now, which made the drive into work fairly interesting.

Not that the Murano has any issue in the snow, quite the inverse actually — it’s pretty amazing in the snow. It’s all the other people out there who aren’t amazing in the snow that creates those unneeded tense moments…

To compound this, the CDoT snowplows were just getting going when I hit the road at 6am. So, everything is snow-packed and icy from the traffic — which means your stopping distance is roughly a zip code and any sort of hill will have some ill-prepared economy sedan (with optional out of state plates) spinning its front wheels and going 2mph.

I know I say this every year, but CDoT used to be so much better at this winter thing than they have been for the last decade or so. I’m guessing it’s a blend of beancounters nibbling away at funding and tree-huggers whining about too many 5-ton plow-trucks on the road…

Anyway, I got here to the office about 5 minutes before our plow company, so I moved from my usual parking spot to the front of the building to make his job easier. I need to go move the Murano back to my usual spot now that he’s done with the south lot.

Have a great day out there!