Winter Wonderland…

Aryntha and Rai headed back down last night to avoid what has become a full blown blizzard up here. The road out in front of the house comes and goes and there are times one feels like the entire house has been removed from the fabric of reality. (Wouldn’t that be cool?)

So with the weather, and Jack’s knee being messed up, it has been decided that we won’t start working on the new store till Wednesday. So here I sit in front of the fireplace, laptop fired up and a continual loop of one of the 40+ gigs of MP3s I have running in the background. I finally got around to making that big pot of chili today and the whole house smells very “winter” as the slow cooker does its job in the kitchen.

When I make chili, it’s an all day event as I take it very seriously: Cubed steak and some kielbasa for the meat, a few diced potatoes for the base, onions, three kinds of beans, and my own mix of seasonings, and the secret ingredient; a little bacon!… It is mighty.

I’ll add this mixture, when done, to a bowl full of “freetos” which is a little something Wolf showed me the other day. She calls it a “Straw Hat”… I call it delicious. 😉

Other than that it’s a writing day. I plan to get two or three chapters done before going and playing around with “Second Life” which is a little thing Aryntha and Rai showed me the other day that has some promise. Basically it’s a huge multi-user 3D world where *everything* has been handed to the players. No rules, nothing… You have to build everything (and anything) with a built-in modeling system and scripting language. Basically it’s the player’s world right down to the nuts and bolts.

If they can keep the trolls out, Second Life promises to be the next big “muck / mud” out there… Right now you have the usual dearth of freak-shows online, but they (the managers) are pruning them as fast as they can. You know the ones; they exist purely to fuck with the system and the normal folks online. Imagine how nice the world would be if people in general didn’t suck.

Aha, it looks like the sun is coming out. Once neat thing about living in the mountains is if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it’ll change.

Got to run…