Winter… Woot!

Today’s weather report… Snow!

For the first time in a long time we got snow here in Denver on Halloween. When I was a kid growing up here in Colorado I remember every Halloween as an exercise in putting a costume over a snow suit. We had just as much fun as kids in other states and got just as much candy… But we also got to have snowball fights in costume.

It’s a lot of fun to sack the neighbor’s snow fort when they’re dressed up as ghosts and you’re a ghostbuster. 😉

I hope we continue this upward trend and it snows a LOT this winter. Screw the California imports and their “I don’t like snow, it’s too cold. It should be 80+ and sunny all year round…” Go back to the land of fruits, flakes, and nuts if you don’t like it. 😉

I got the Toyota tuned up just in time… I left the house Saturday at around 9, got the oil changed at 10, got to the brakes place at about 11 and didn’t get out of there till 6:30… $400 later and I have all kinds of stopping power now.

Yesterday I went and bought some basic tools (mine from my storage unit have gone missing, along with everything else) and replaced the plugs, wires, and distributor cap. I got new wipers too… I was thinking I’d need them today, and I was right.

I also got a price quote on fixing the exhaust system: $800. And the valve job the car needs is a mere $1200… It’s time for Scales to get a job and support himself so I can afford this.

I think I can do the new catalytic and couplings myself as I have a garage now, which drops the price to about $300. But I have to get Jae’s car running first just in case mine is OOC for a day or two and who knows what’s wrong with his car. I’m leaning towards fuel filter, which is an easy fix and which is why it won’t be that.


Saturday night Aryntha, Rai and I went over to a local dinning establishment, had an excellent meal, and right as we were getting ready to pay, the manager walked up to the table and said there was an ‘incident’ at the other end of the building and we had to leave… We’re still not sure what happened, but we did as instructed and left, without paying. I went back Sunday afternoon and covered the bill, but they still wouldn’t tell me what happened.

Well, I’d better sign off here and get an early start. Who knows what sorts of cool accidents I’ll get to see today as this summer’s crop of Colorado Imports get to experience snow for the first time… Oh the joy.

Have a great day out there, and stay warm. Oh, and push the orange juice…