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Working from home, day – I honestly don’t know…

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With this being stuck in the house thing, I’ve realized how important the drive to and from work is… 

The drive serves as a line in the sand between the activities of ‘work’ and ‘not work’, and without it the day just never seems to end. I find myself working on some insurmountable problem for work until 9 — 10PM because ‘I’m already working on it, might as well finish it’… And I honestly don’t have much else to do but stare at the walls.

I’m having the same problem with weekends; last Saturday I was up at 6am and doing my morning routines of checking and tuning all of the remote operations stuff at work for almost two hours before I noticed no one else was ‘at work’.

The fact I’m salaried and don’t have to clock in and out for the day probably exacerbates this.

I sure hope this lockdown thing ends soon so I can get back to my normal 50 hour weeks.