WoW Beta Bugs

Last night I finally took Blizzard up on their offer to have a look at the World of Warcraft “Cataclysm” beta for a few minutes… I think it'll be fun as it's essentially a whole new game.

But, bug testing games is what I do professionally, so even after 3 months of thousands of people supposedly working on the beta, I was able to find the following in the first 15 minutes of play:

  1. The cool down timer on aimed shot does not match the use timer, leading to a “cannot use item yet” error.
  2. Clicking a quest giver automatically accepts the quest, even though you've not pressed the 'accept' button in the quest dialog UI.
  3. Due to the above bug, quest givers with separate welcome and accept audio play them simultaneously.
  4. Forcing a dismount from the chopper using the UI button results in the chopper vanishing, reappearing, then vanishing again.

So, yeah. Not sure what folks have been doing in beta, but it certainly ain't beta testing. 🙂