Writer’s Block: Nicknames

Ahh, my ‘nom de guerre’, which is the title this journal takes, is “Ri’Hahn Na’Horain”. This name was given to me by Wolf many, many years ago and has become almost as much a part of my daily existence as the name on my driver’s license.

Seriously. Google ‘rihahn” some time, it’s scary. And you can see that I’m fairly ‘into’ gaming.

Let’s see, there’s the predicessor to ‘Ri’Hahn’ which was ‘Flinthorn Gamboge’… Which was the name of a character I created for D&D back in 1976-ish. This one can also be shortened to “Flint” by folks whom I’ve known for just short of eternity.

About, oh, 20 years ago now I created a “bad guy” in a role playing game named ‘Raeshlavik’ (Ravik for short) who is also quite well known and the name is usually spoken in hushed tones with a lot of glancing around to make sure one isn’t about to become an h’ordeurve.

I guess, in a technical sense, even the name I go by at work, “Bill”, is actually a nickname as my name is William.