Xserve 2,1

A few weeks ago I was successful in re-acquiring my old pre-y2k rihahn.com domain, and decided I should put some sort of service on it. Said service would have to be suitably archaic though, so I spent some time pondering it…

Last week I settled on using an old Mac, and briefly had my dual G4 “MDD” tower running a web server – but going alllll the way back to PowerPC was a bit too archaic. So I decided to fire up my old Apple Xserve 2,1 from early 2008 and put it back into service as my personal web server.

The Xserve is archaic enough to be worthy of my old domain name, yet new enough that putting it on the modern Internet isn’t a war-crime.

After some fiddling, which included locating eight 2Gig sticks of DDR2 FB dimms in an old box in the storeroom and three 1TB HDs that would actually run in the Xserve (they’re notoriously picky about HDs) – it lives!

The site is being served from OS X Server 10.6.8 using the built-in web services, and will probably end up as just a curious collection of old road signs pointing in various directions down equally old dirt roads to ghost towns of bygone eras.

Welcome to an unmarked exit off of the information superhighway in the middle of nowhere.